The signing of the MoU between Udayana University and the University of Uppsala, Sweden


Udayana University signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Letter of Agreement (LoA) with the University of Uppsala, Sweden. The representative from Uppsala is Dr. Phillip Endicott, the scientific leader of the OCSEAN consortium. The representatives of the MoU and LoA signings from Udayana University include the Rector and the Vice Rector for the Collaboration, Planning, and Information affairs, the Dean and the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Humanities, the head of the Unit for Information and Collaboration, the Head of the Doctoral Linguistics program, and the Head of the Bachelor of English Literature program.

The context of the MoU and the LoA signings is for research collaboration and training as part of the OCSEAN consortium, of which Udayana University is part. The first part of this collaboration is a three-month research training at Uppsala University (from June - September 2022), involving lecturers from the Bachelor of English Literature and Postgraduates Linguistics programs, Faculty of Humanities, Udayana University (see here for the related news and the news coverage at Udayana TV youtube channel below).