Collaborative Strategy for Web and Social Media Contents &nbsp

Information and Communication (InfoCom) Team organised an outreach meeting for lecturers and students to introduce our department's website ( and social media platforms (Facebook Group, Twitter (@sasingunud), and YouTube ( This meeting is a follow-up on Alumni's suggestions, during their discussion with the AUN-QA assessor, to increase our visibility online via social media and the web. We primarily discussed collaborative strategies to manage information for the web, taking into account contribution of news from the lecturers and students. Huge thanks to our alumni for their feedback!

Below are personals-in-charge from our InfoCom team for coordinating, inviting, and receiving the 
completely written news in English from the lecturers and students:

News from lecturers
Anak Agung Sagung Shanti Sari Dewi

News from students
Putu Lirishati Soethama & I Gusti Ngurah Parthama

News from the Department's general affairs
Ni Ketut Sri Rahayuni

Web Operator
Gede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg


Photos contributor: Putu Lirishati Soethama

Information and Communication Team

I Nyoman Udayana, Anak Agung Sagung Shanti Sari Dewi, I Gusti Ngurah Parthama, Ni Ketut Sri Rahayuni, Putu Lirishati Soethama, and Gede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg.